Potty Fears and Tips

Toddlers can have many fears when it comes to potty training. In fact, being afraid of the potty is one of most common reasons potty training fails. But sometimes it isn’t the potty that your toddler is afraid of. He may have a fear of releasing on the potty, or a fear of going on the toilet. When your child develops these fears it can be alarming, and you may be apprehensive about potty training worrying that you may make things worse. However, postponing potty training is not a great idea as the older your child gets the more resistant he will become. So let’s talk about some of the most common reasons toddlers are afraid of potty training and what you can do about it.


Fear of "Letting it Go"

Poop: Fear of going poop on the potty is actually a very common fear. Many toddlers ” hold in” their poop because they are afraid of letting it go. In theory, toddlers think of their poop as part of their body, so they are afraid a of them will fall into the toilet or potty. Scary, right?!

A toddler who is afraid of popping in the potty for fear that a piece of them will fall will typically be upset or even sad rather than excited after popping. She will also be reluctant or even really upset when asked to wave bye or flush the poop.

Pee: Peeing on the potty is a little bit easier for a toddler than pooping, but for some there’s still that fear of “letting it go”. The same as with poop, they are afraid of losing a part of themselves. The feeling of letting it go into something other than a diaper, can be very scary. The diaper makes your toddler feel secure. Warm pee or mushy poop up against their butt is how they know to eliminate themselves. Asking your child to just “let it go” into an open space, can be very frightening. Many toddlers are afraid of peeing on the potty



Fear of Potty Itself

Not all toddlers accept the potty right away. Some are really afraid of the potty. A fear of the potty itself can be caused by many reasons. First and foremost it’s an unfamiliar place for your child to do his/her duty. Your child is just not use to the idea of going pee or poop somewhere other than the diaper. Here are some other reasons:


Fear of Toilet

Some children can go on the potty but are afraid of the toilet. A toilet can be pretty intimidating. Your toddler may be afraid of how large it is, how loud the flush is, or even think they are going to get sucked in. Her are some tips if your child is afraid of the toilet.


Fun Tricks:

Fear of Public Bathrooms

So now your toddler is potty trained, but he is afraid of using public bathroom. Can you blame him? It’s an intimidating place, with lots of unfamiliar faces, noise, and loud flushing. It is very common for children to be afraid of going in public restrooms. Not to mention the automatic flush situation, this can be traumatizing if your child is not prepared.


If you are still having problems, have a difficult or stubborn child, or if your child’s fear is interfering with potty training. I can help!  My daughter was extremely afraid of potty training, especially of letting it go. Traditional methods did not work. After figuring out why, I started potty training on a Friday evening, and by Monday morning my daughter who was so afraid of the potty was completely potty trained. I now help other parent going through the same struggles with my Potty Training Plan™ and support.

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