7 Ways to Help Your Toddler “Go” in Public

Toddler Won’t “Go” in Public?

These 7 Tips Are Game-Changers


If potty training is going well at home, you’re probably tempted to go out in public without putting a diaper on your child. But if you’re like most parents, you’re wondering what will happen if you get to the restrom…and your toddler just won’t go in public.

Realistically, it will happen at some point. Your child is potty training, and suddenly, they need to go…right now. What do you do?

Any parent who has crouched in front of a public toilet pleading, “You won’t fall off, please stop crying” while getting splashed knows this does happen. Sometimes, they tell me their little one won’t even try to pee outside the home.

This can be frustrating, but not to worry — I’m here to help with my 7 best tips for encouraging your toddler to use the toilet no matter where they are.


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Here They Are!

7 GREAT Tips to Help Your Child ‘Go’ in Public


#1: You Go First, Mom!

It’s a great idea to show your child at least a time or two that the public toilet is nothing to be scared of. If you have privacy concerns due to gender, have your significant other go into the stall with your toddler.

Then — bombs away! Your child may still be leery of sitting, but they are learning that the public potty doesn’t bite. And yes…that’s an actual fear I’ve heard a few very verbal toddlers express. I don’t blame them.

#2: Take a Travel Potty Seat Along

If you thought carrying a training potty along was impossible — so did I! In my research, I found this amazing seat that folds to fit in your diaper bag.

Foldable seats allow your child to feel safe so they’re more willing to go potty in public. Reviews seem very positive; I know parents whose toddlers use them for that extra bit of safety.

#3: Reach for a Baby Urinal

If you didn’t think these existed, count me as good company. I do have clients who have used adult urinals for their toddlers. However, this one is made just for kids and is much less intimidating.

Keep in in the trunk of your car for those times your little one just can’t make it home.

#4: Grab a Travel Potty Liner Pack

Toilet liners pull double-duty. They help keep your child safer, and they make your child feel more comfortable on the toilet seat.

I recommend these if your child is big enough so that it is unlikely they will slip when sitting on the toilet. The pack is small and very grab-and-go.

#5: Practice at Home First

Whatever pottying aids you use, make sure to try them out at home first. Your child will be in a familiar, safe environment. They’re more likely to accept the methods this way.

Then when they need to use a public toilet, they will see two familiar things: their potty aid, and you.

#6: Maintain Your Routine

You may feel silly singing Elmo’s potty song in a public toilet, but if that’s what you do at home, do it at a public or friend’s restroom, too. The familiarity can help your little one to relax, and then…success!

#7: If All Else Fails, Use Pull-Up Pants

Pottying anywhere, including their very own training seat, can be touch-and-go at first. Accidents happen under the best of circumstances.

If your child is very young or hasn’t mastered pottying yet, put them in pull-up style diapers when you go out. Then at home, go right back to potty training.

The Bottom Line

The ‘bottom’ line? Each of the tips above can help toddlers go in public. That’s a brand-new milestone. Your youngster is making progress…congratulations!

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