dress child for potty training

How to Dress Your Child For Potty Training

How to Dress Your Child For Potty Training

On this blog, we’ve touched on what your child should wear at home while they’re toilet training. (Scroll to #4 in this article.) But how should you dress your child for potty training when they won’t be at home?

Here are the clothes that have worked best for my client’s little ones, plus guidelines on what to bring with you when you’re out and about.


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General Guidelines to Dress Your Child for Potty Training

Before you buy your little one’s potty training clothes, here are a few basics to keep in mind:

  • Choose bottoms that have a loose waistband.
  • Avoid anything with snaps, including bodysuits.
  • Make sure that if your little one is wearing pants, they can easily pull them down.
  • Don’t let your toddler out in public in just a top and diaper, no matter how tempting it is to make things easier for them. They’re in the process of learning to deal with clothing and pottying.


So What Should Your Child Wear?

With those basics in mind, here are some choices my clients swear by.

Cloth Underwear

The gold standard for potty training is cotton underwear. While these won’t cover accidents, they make it much easier for your child to feel when they need to go. And of course, your little one will know they have had an accident.

Treat accidents gently. The goal here is to put your child in touch with their body, not to shame them in public. (I know you’d never do that, but of course I had to mention it!)

Potty Training Underwear

This is a step up from plain cotton underwear. Adults have period and post-menopause underwear. This is the same principle: more layers in order to absorb small leaks.

These can be a lifesaver for sensitive little ones who worry excessively over having accidents in public. If the accident is small, nobody has to know. And they look like “big kid” underwear!

Potty Training Pants and Skirts

The great thing about these is that they’re so cute! These waterproof pants or skirts help keep leaks under control.

They’re often advertised as nighttime leak absorbers, but my clients tell me their toddlers love them in the daytime while out and about.

Pull-Up Pants

Most people know this old standby, and it’s still a good one, according to my clients. Pull-up pants will usually contain more moisture than other potty training clothes. They’re great for longer ventures outside the house.

The other great thing about pull-up underwear is that they are thinner than ever but still absorb moisture.

What to Take With You

Of course, the point of all this is that accidents do happen. And not just to toddlers during potty training. A slightly older child who has been toilet trained for some time can still be unable to hold their urine during a long trip out, with no restroom in sight.

So be prepared with the following in a cute bag:

  • Extra pants or skirt (soft cotton is best as they can fold or be rolled)
  • An extra shirt
  • A pull-up diaper
  • Wipes (it’s hard to wash up with water in a public area)

I’m Here to Help

Potty training doesn’t have to be a chore. Over the years, with my experience as a registered nurse and child development expert, I’ve gathered tons of knowledge for you! Check out my services to find out how I can help your little one achieve pottying success. Want more info on how to dress your child for potty training? I’m here to help!


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