potty training consultant

How to Choose a Potty Training Consultant

potty training consultant

How to Choose a Potty Training Consultant

Glad to see you here! I get this question a lot, so I decided it was time to address it: how do you choose a potty training consultant? After all, your baby is unique. And you know her better than anyone. What if your potty training expert just won’t “click” with your baby?

Concerns like this are the mark of a really great, very involved parent, in my opinion. In fact, they’re part of what made me want to become a toilet training professional. But you may not have time to go to school and get certified. Let’s be real, as a new parent, you probably don’t have time for a daily shower.

I’ve been there. So here is a checklist of the most important things to look for in a potty training consultant, plus red flags that are your heads-up to look elsewhere.

Your Potty Training Consultant Checklist

Here’s what to look for you so you know you’re hiring the best expert:

Check mark, Segoe UI Symbol font, character code 2714 hex. She Listens to You

It bears repeating that your child and your family are unique. Your baby may have their own special set of circumstances (such as autism, having been a preemie, or being frightened of the potty). But even if they don’t, your situation is just that: yours.

That means you need to find a toilet training expert who is willing to sit down (or Zoom) with you, ask questions, and welcome your input.

Check mark, Segoe UI Symbol font, character code 2714 hex. She’s Easy to Reach

Nobody would expect a potty training consultant to answer texts within minutes, around the clock. (Although in some cases, you can find all-day support. Just be sure she lets you know what kind of wait time you can expect.)

A great potty training consultant will let you know if and when you can text her. And she will welcome questions. That’s important — be sure to keep it in mind for those bumps in the road.

Check mark, Segoe UI Symbol font, character code 2714 hex. She’s Professional and Caring

A really great consultant will know when to be caring and gentle, but will also observe boundaries. She has a clear plan for your little one and can explain to you exactly how she will approach toilet training.

Either extreme — all caring (which can mean your little one tries to pull things past her!) or all professional (to the extent your child can’t warm up to her) mean your little one’s pottying plan may fail. Find someone else.

Check mark, Segoe UI Symbol font, character code 2714 hex. She Has the Right Credentials

Make sure your consultant has the backup for her claims of being a pro. A medical professional is best (RN or LPN, for example).

She should also be certified in toilet training. Bonus: she is certified in related areas as well. That means she has an all-around medical and professional knowledge of your child’s toilet training needs.


Potty Training Consultant Red Flags

Watch out for these read flags that a consultant may not be for you:

❌ She’s Inflexible

A great potty training pro will mesh her philosophy with yours. She will tell you what may be going wrong, but she’s also willing to take your own knowledge of your child into consideration.

If the consultant refuses to listen to your input — run.

❌ You Can’t Find Her on Social Media

This may sound like nit-picking, but it’s pretty important. If an eight-year-old can set up a website (and trust me, they can), any professional should have a website and also be reachable on social media such as Instagram or TikTok.

If they’re not, they may be brand-new, they may not want you to know what others have to say about them, or both.

❌ She’s Way Too Expensive (or Ridiculously Cheap)

Be on the lookout for both extremes. Too cheap can mean a fly-by-night operation, or an urgent need for clients. Both can be warning signs when you’re picking a potty training consultant.

❌ She Complains About Previous Clients

This shouldn’t be confused with anonymous anecdotes that are relevant to your child’s potty training journey. In that case, the consultant is giving information on what has and hasn’t worked for her clients.

But if she bad-mouths clients or names them outright, think about what she may be saying about you. Avoid consultants who engage in this unprofessional behavior.

Ready to Get Started?

I’m Here to Help

Potty training can be difficult, especially if your child is afraid of the potty. But if you choose the right potty training consultant, it’s easy! I’ve worked with thousands of families to help their little one get out of diapers for good. Check out my services here and let’s get your little one on the road to pottying success!






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