Tuesday, October 20, 2020


Hi, I’m Violet! You may know me from my popular baby sleep website Sleep, Baby, Sleep®. I’m also a Registered Nurse, Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Author of Baby Sleep Training in 7 Days, but my favorite title of all is Mom.

My two girls have always kept me busy. From not sleeping when they were born, to the potty training woes, there has never been a dull moment. I created these two websites to help other parents who are struggling with the same troubles.


So how did I become a potty training expert you ask? Out of necessity! When it was time to potty train my daughter, I really struggled. She was very difficult to train. She had a strong fear of letting it go, literally cried and had cold sweats anytime she had to use the potty. It was heartbreaking. Traditional potty training methods did not work because the underlying road block had to be addressed first, her fear. So I tried different things, until we got it right.


Through my years of working with so many different families, I learned that there are many other road blocks that often stand in the way of potty training. Parents continued to express the same exact type of struggles. I created this website and The Potty Training Plan® to address these common issues. If you are still struggling with potty training beyond the tips on this website, take a look at my potty training packages. I would be glad to help you potty train!


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