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Potty Training did nOT go to Plan? 🥴

Even with a plan, the only thing you couldn’t have anticipated… is how your toddler would respond. 

Now, one (or more) of these roadblocks is in your way 👇

  • The toilet is your toddler’s enemy #1. They’re convinced it’s trying to swallow them up whole. Potty = paralyzing fear.
  • Potty training has evolved into an exhausting power struggle. It’s a classic battle of wills… and you’re pretty sure you’re losing. 
  • It’s been months (maybe even a year or longer) and you’re still potty training. With no end in sight… 

Traditional potty training methods just aren’t cutting it. You’ve tried everything and you’re not sure how much more you (or your toddler) can take.

potty training consultant

The finish line is near🏃‍♀️… let’s set a potty training end date! !

First, you don’t need to feel ashamed or embarrassed that your little one isn’t potty trained yet.  

Potty training is a learned skill. It comes easier to some kids than others, just like anything in life. Your toddler’s potty training troubles are not a reflection of your worthiness or success as a parent.  

👆This was my internal mantra when potty training my firstborn had me feeling like a total failure! 

My team and I started offering one-on-one consults (instead of just my 3-Day Potty Plan) so other parents could get the personalized support and encouragement they deserve.   

We’ll take the time to get to know you and your toddler, make a plan, and set that end date! You’re so close to diaper-free days! 


Meet Our Potty Training Experts

Violet Giannone

Founder of Ready to Potty, Sleep, Baby, Sleep, and The Institute of Pediatric Sleep and Parenting, RN, and Mama of 2.

I know firsthand how all-consuming and defeating potty training can be.

My firstborn was terrified of going potty, which had us both in tears more times than I’d like to admit!

That’s why I started Ready to Potty and created The 3-Day Potty Plan. Now, I’ve been potty-training kids for over a decade!

If you’re pretty sure your little one is the exception and potty training actually is impossible… you’re exactly who I love working with!

Erin Elkins

Certified Sleep and Potty Training Consultant and Mama of 2

It’s my mission to make sure you’re not in this alone anymore!

After having my 2 boys, I realized every parent needs support through tough transitions like potty training.

That’s why I switched careers and became a sleep and potty training consultant after 8 years of teaching! I was trained by Violet, and together, we’ve potty-trained hundreds of little ones!

Potty train for the last time with one-on-one expert help.

Live support from a pro to answer questions, solve problems, and transform potty training into a positive, fun experience. (Yes, that’s a thing!)

Complete Potty Training Packages

Save money bundling and work together from start to finish!

Premium 5-Day Package


($682 Value)

Work exclusively with Violet
5 days of live text support ($625 value)
3-Day Potty Plan ($37 value)
10 Potty Reward Charts ($20 value)

Value 5-Day Package


($462 value)

Work with Erin
5 days of live text support ($375 value)
3-Day Potty Plan ($37 value)
10 Potty Reward Charts ($20 value)
1 follow-up email ($30 value)

3 Day Package


($282 value)

Work with Erin
3 days of live text support ($225 value)
3-Day Potty Plan ($37 value)
10 Potty Reward Charts ($20 value)

Individual services

Flexible support to troubleshoot along the way. Perfect for those who already have the 3-Day Potty Plan!

$ 60

Work with Erin

30-minute phone call to solve potty problems fast!
$ 75

Work with Erin

1 day of text support to get started on the right foot or naviate unexpected challenges without the stress!

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what our clients have to say

We have a child with autism. As much as I normally am one to research and do things on my own, tackling potty training with our daughter had me full of anxiety. For that reason alone, the peace of mind of having someone to turn to was worth it. But it was worth it in more ways than that. Violet consistently knew what was coming for us and had all the right suggestions when we faltered. Though we probably would have sorted it out on our own eventually, Violet’s feedback unquestionably accelerated our progress and spared us considerable frustration. By the time our 5 days of assistance came to an end, we were well on our way and enjoying diaper-free days. I also want to note that fear was a major stumbling block for our daughter. We were being pushed toward a boot camp style regimen but my gut was telling me that would exacerbate the fear. I appreciate that Violet recognizes that not every child is facing the same stumbling blocks and had strategies for the fearful child. Finally, the recommended travel potty and absorbent pads for the bed were very worthwhile investments.”
South Carolina
“Things are going great, the day after I last texted with you she woke up and told me she had to pee. Then she sat on the potty and peed. She was totally calm. No crying, no screaming! She continued to pee throughout the day very calmly and pooped that night! She didn’t freak out or anything. It’s been smooth sailing. I can never thank you enough!!“
I was so reluctant that the program would work for my 2 and a half year old due to previous unsuccessful “trials” and due to so many people being in my ear about how “little boys will absolutely NOT be potty trained before they’re at least 3”. I came across the program after being desperate for help and turning to the internet and let me tell you that it was such a lifeline for me. At 27 and having just given birth to my second son 3 weeks ago, I was sick of having an almost 3 year old still in diapers. It was so inconvenient for my husband and I. The program was sooo clear and explained so well what we had been doing wrong previously . The point system that helps you assess your child’s readiness, comforted us in our initiative to turn to this program in our potty training journey. As soon as day 1 started, our little one to our surprise pretty much immediately started to go to the toilet on his own… I can not recommend this program enough, and if me, a 27 year old that has just given birth early last month and that still decided to take on potty training her first born afterwards can do it, any of you guys can do so as well!
New York

What makes your program so successful?

The methods, tips, and tricks in the potty training plan are curated from years of experience consulting with clients. They are not rocket science but do address some of the most common roadblocks. In my experience, I have found that these roadblocks are often the reasons potty training fails.

Everyone can take the diapers off their child, and sit them on the potty several times, but having a step-by-step plan for handling the toughest parts of potty training is what makes this program so effective.

Having my help and support through the potty training process will also make all the difference in the world. Knowing what to do when variables come up (and they certainly will) can make or break the training. I will be only a text message away to help you through the whole process. 

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