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Is My Child Ready for Potty Training?

 Let’s Get This Potty Started!

You have been so over diapers ever since that first major “blowout,” but your baby was not ready to do away with the dirty diapers just yet. So you stuck to the “Am I really doing this?” routine of butt-sniffing and sneaking a peek for pee and poo, understanding that soon the time would come when diaper days would be a thing of the past and “going on the potty” would become the new normal. And this turning point couldn’t come soon enough.

If you are nearing the point of directing your diaper-clad cutie towards that tiny toilet, before premature potty training leads to letdowns, leaks, and “LOL” moments, it is helpful and important to clue into the cues that your little one is ready for this momentous milestone. These three surefire signs will give you the go-ahead to give potty training a try, and before long your formerly padded pint-sized prince or princess will be on to undies. 

Post-Nap, No Crap

If your child wakes up from naptime with not a trace in their nappy, it is a significant sign they are better able to “hold it” ‘till they are up and at ‘em. When you notice a bone-dry diaper post-naptime more often than not, why not make your way with your “mini-me” to the place where magic happens? Present the shiny new potty and plop ‘em down diaper-free. Naturally, they will need to go after that long nap, and when it all (or mostly) lands in the potty, the positive reinforcement paired with their understandable relief will be the catalyst to come back and do it again next time. Not only will naptime be far more comfortable for your sound sleeper, but this new wake-up routine will be the right path towards achieving full-time potty potential.

Hey, Whatcha Doing In There?

You will know potty training time is right around the corner when your kid is right around the corner…peskily peering into the loo when you are trying to tinkle and toot. Sure, it is only natural for children this young to be endlessly curious, but when the curiosity is bathroom-specific, it could be the breakthrough you have been long begging for. Show your sweetie what the “big” potty is for and how you’ve got an itty bitty one just for tiny heinies. Perhaps you will have to forgo your solo time in the restroom for a party of two for a while, but the cute company will be well worth the practice. Becoming a “big boy” or girl will be reason enough to keep the potty training efforts on course, until your child can start to use the potty without the thrill of the “team effort.”

The Heads-Up

The crinkled brow and telling smile (not to mention the “aroma”) that used to let you know your child was “letting it go” in their diaper may turn into a more mature notification that they’ve got to “do their thing.” When your child verbally lets you know or otherwise motions that they need to relieve themselves before actually doing so in their diaper is a successful sign that they are primed for the potty. Before it is too late and they do the deed in their diaper, swiftly whisk them over to the “throne” for a drip, drizzle, or dump that deserves a pat on the back or even a congratulatory snack. Even if your child does not alert you quickly enough and lets you know they have already soiled their diaper, it is still a strong and sizable step in the right direction. It shows they are well aware of their sensations and actions and are ready to leave you a “present” in the potty. 

Remember, it certainly took you a while to perfect your potty use when you were their age. Slip-ups, slow-downs, set-backs, and splatters will be part of the much-patience-required potty training process. But just like you, your child will keep at it until they are full-fledged potty-trained pros. Good luck with potty training and stay tuned for more potty training tip and tools to get you through this crazy phase!


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