how to pick the best training potty

How to Pick the Best Training Potty

how to pick the best training potty

How to Pick the Best Training Potty

What an exciting time! Your little one is finally ready to start potty training. That means your baby isn’t a baby anymore — she’s becoming a “big kid” now.

If your child is 15-18 months or older, they know that this is a big step. On the other hand, your little one doesn’t really know what to expect. Fears, insecurity, and separation anxiety can all contribute to a toddler not wanting to use their brand-new training potty.

In order to make things as positive as possible, you will want to choose the best training potty . Wondering what you should look for? Read on for the tips that have worked best for my clients’ little ones!

How to Pick the BEST Training Potty

Read Reviews For the Best Training Potty

A potty training seat that looks great on the box may pinch between the lip and your little one’s sensitive skin. Or it may be too high for most toddlers.

Some training potties are sturdy, while others break under the little tests preschoolers like to put them through — like carrying them around the house and banging them back down on the floor. And some have openings that are too wide, which can make your little one afraid that they’ll fall in.

So read, read, read reviews…as many as you can find! This is a great start toward finding the best training potty.

Measure Your Child’s Seated Height

Not all training potties are the same size. Choose a training seat that is low enough for your little one to place their feet solidly on the ground. This will let them feel more secure and confident.

If you can’t take your child along to “try out” (fully dressed, of course) the potties in the store, measure her seated on pillows. Then look for potties that are just her size.

Choose a Potty Your Child Will Love

With online ordering, you have more options than ever before to find that perfect training chair. Look for:

  • a color your child loves
  • a potty that features a favorite cartoon character
  • a padded seat for comfort
  • stickers of your child’s favorite characters or activities
  • “swappable” insert seats in various designs

Let Your Child Help Decorate Their Training Potty

Your little one will feel more involved and in control if you make an afternoon of decorating their training chair.


  • foam/plush stickers that spell your child’s name
  • other stickers with your child’s favorite character, activity or theme
  • encouraging words like Way to Go! written in paint markers
  • a fun-themed roll of toilet paper placed next to the potty

Introduce Your Child to the New Potty

Once the potty is just the way your child and you want it, let your child explore their new chair.

Allow your child to sit down (dressed or in a diaper) on the seat and get off. Place a favorite stuffed animal on the seat, pretend it is using the potty, and clap, “good job!”

If your child wants to carry the potty from room to room, and you have no objection to where they potty — let them! This is another way to give your child a feeling of control over a situation that is new.

The positive steps above will encourage good feelings in your child. Choosing the best training potty is the perfect way to start this exciting process. Good luck…and way to go, Mom or Dad!

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