Monday, July 06, 2020

Carol Cline Start Potty Training, Scam? I say No!

When I was doing some research on potty training for my blog. I had come across an article that claimed the Start Potty Training Program by Carol Cline, was a scam. I had to read it, as I was incredibly confused. For one split second, I thought I too got scammed somehow. The comments were convincing. However I thought to myself “wait a minute, I have the program. It works really well. No one stole my carol cline potty training scammoney” How the heck could it be a scam!?!


So I tried doing some more research, and could not find any concrete evidence. I even asked for clarification, and more details, I received no response. The only thought that came to mind…competitors? I mean, how the heck could this be a scam. As I mentioned I have the program. I have read it from front to back, there is nothing “scammy” about it. It would be really unfortunate if there are people out there trying to sabotage their competitors and not giving honest reviews. So I have written my own personal review on the program. Hopefully it helps clear up any questions and confusion.

First of all, the website and marketing could use some improvement. It definitely has a “sales pitchy” feel, that could scare people away. If you could get past that, you will actually see that Carol Cline is a lot like us, just a typical mom, but in addition has loads of experience. That is the best part of this program. It is created by a mother of 4 and daycare owner who has tons of experience with potty training toddlers. In this program, Carol teaches you an easy to follow method of potty training, with no pressure to nighttime train, like some of the other programs do. She gives you tips on night-time training but states “There are times when nighttime training happens sooner than we expect. But don’t worry if it doesn’t” Huge plus for us, because my daughter was only 22 months old, and there was no way she was going to hold it in for 12hrs (she was an awesome sleeper). 

What I  also love is that she covers a variety of topics. She talks about differences between potty training boys and girls. She has special sections in the program for special needs children (autism, down syndrome etc). There is a section especially for twins/multiples, and older children who may be more difficult to train. The best is the “bumps in the road” section, which every potty training parent will face during potty training. In this section she addresses fear of pooping, wetting the bed, tantrums, regression and so much more. She also teaches you how to handle outings to places like the mall, fairs, pools, and even airplane travels. I also love the fact that you can ask her questions when they come up during the training process (and trust me, your always going to have questions). Carol offers a “lifeline” where you can reach her directly, with any unique questions you may have. The personal consultations is what had me sold.  This program goes way beyond a quick potty training in 3 days method, Carol Cline literally helps you through EVERYTHING. There isn’t a topic that she doesn’t cover. You are truly getting your money’s worth. That is why I recommend this program above any other. Here are some features of the program
carol cline scam

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