Potty Training Tips

7 Potty Training Tips for Success

Potty training is one of the most stressful things a parent has to go through with their child—especially if you have a stubborn, strong-willed, or fearful child. This can make potty training a real challenge.

To make things easier, I have compiled some of my top potty training tipsPotty training is rarely a walk in the park. You have to know what you’re doing, have a good plan in place, and stay committed to the potty training process. These potty training tips will definitely help you get started!

Potty Training Tips for Success


Potty Training Tip #1

Start potty training early.

There is a very broad age range for when a child may be ready for potty training. This can be anywhere from 15 months up to 36 months. For many though, 22 months seems to be the magic age. By 22 months most children are biologically, physically, and cognitively ready to be potty trained and be successful!

It can be difficult to tell when your child is actually ready. He may like the potty, enjoy sitting on it, but just cannot hold in the pee. So, start early and if he’s not ready, then try again in a couple of months! Many times parents are surprised at how young a child is capable of holding in their pee and poop. Another advantage of starting early is that you will get less resistance from your child. The older he gets, the more strong-willed or stubborn he may become. Typically, it gets more difficult to train a child over two years old. Have you heard of terrible two’s? Yup! Combine that with potty training and you’re in for an adventure, for sure! Also, as children get closer to three years old, they tend to develop new fears and potty training a child that has a fear of the potty is NOT FUN. Trust me, I have been there and you can read my article on Potty Fears here.


Potty Training Tip #2

Potty train over the weekend.

There’s nothing more stressful than trying to potty train during the week when you have to work, run errands, go on school, etc. Try potty training over a long weekend or when you know you will have time to stay home to commit to training. Don’t make an already stressful situation even more stressful by potty training in between a busy schedule. This will only lead to stress for you and your child. 


Potty Training Tip #3

Have fun with it!

Potty training can be stressful, but have fun with it! Your little one can sense your stress and tension, which ultimately makes them more stressed out. Have fun, relax, and just go with it! 


Potty Training Tip #4

Buy some great potty training visuals.

Kids LOVE doing what other kids are doing. They also like to mimic their favorite cartoon characters, so show your child some potty training videos on your smartphone or iPad! Get some fun dolls or toys to explain the process. Again, have fun with it and let this be a pleasurable experience for your child.


Potty Training Tip #5

Ditch the training pants and pull-ups!

Let’s be serious, training pants and pull-ups are just going to be another place for your child to pee or poop. They are glorified diapers. Even though they are marketed wonderfully, pull-ups and training pants are not great for the potty training process. Save yourself some major frustration (and money), and just avoid the pull-ups all together.


Potty Training Tip #6

Get a good book or guide to help you.

Potty training programs are not rocket science. Many parents are successful with potty training programs, simply because they are laid out simply and provide a step-by-step process of what to do.

Get our Potty Training Plan and help through the whole process!


Potty Training Tip #7

Stay committed!

This is one my most important potty training tips. I think this goes without saying, but if you are not 100% committed to potty training, it’s not going to work well. You have to be committed and be able to deal with a few rough days. I promise it will get better; just stick to it and soon you will have a potty trained child!


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