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Potty Training Problems & Road Blocks

 My child refuses to sit on the potty.

Getting your child to sit and be comfortable on the potty is the major first step in potty training. However, for some, this task is easier said than done. First, you will have to figure out why your child is refusing to sit on the potty. Is he afraid? Maybe she has no interest in the potty? Do they have very little experience with the potty?

Try reading to or showing videos to your child about the potty, what it does, and why it is important. Potty Power for Boys and Girls is a perfect place to start! Also, as awkward as it may sound, let your child watch how you go to the bathroom. The more he or she sees others do it, the more likely they will want to try for themselves and be comfortable with the toilet.


My child is afraid of pooping.

This is a common issue—and it can get pretty serious. Many children are extremely afraid of going poop. Typically, they will pee and be find, but get extremely anxious or nervous about letting their poop go into the potty. Check out this separate article, Potty Fears, for more information on how to tackle this roadblock!

My child is holding it in (pee or poop).

For many parents, a child holding in their pee or poop can be a frustrating roadblock—and a physically unhealthy one. I recommend getting your child to drink lots of fluids and east some pears to prevent constipation. While prunes may get all the praise, pears seem to have a gentler “laxative-like” effect. When your child first starts holding it in, please try to have patience and gently encourage them to let go. Sometimes, distracting him or her with an activity or a toy while sitting on the potty helps ease their fears or anxieties. Looking for a place to start? Check out the iPotty, an adjustable stand to hold your iPad while your child sits on the toilet.

My child won’t go potty in public.

Just when you finally get your child potty-trained, you can still stumble upon a new roadblock. Sometimes, children just refuse to go to the bathroom out in public—which can be an extremely frustrating experience for parents. Going to the potty in public may take some time, but always try your best to ease your child’s fears and worries. Bring some fun rewards to motivate your child or a portable potty training seat, like this Mommy’s Helper. Also, before taking your child to a restaurant or a store, try taking your child on some “trial runs” at a friend or family members’ house. The more your child gets practice on other toilets, the more comfortable she or he will be.


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