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Potty Training Must Haves!

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The Potty:

Pick a potty that you think is going to work for your child. You can make a day out of it and have them pick it out. Maybe a favorite cartoon character, or something they really adore. We used the Fisher-Price Princess Potty because it plays a magical song every time she made a “deposit” and she loves it. It’s also a very good and sturdy step stool, that can be used in the bathroom for washing hands. They also have a Prince Potty for boys and a ducky. These potties are a tad more expensive than other potties, but you get what you pay for.

Fisher-Price Princess Potty


Your going to have to make a vow not to ever bring diapers back (except maybe at night if  you choose) so you are going to need lots and lots of underwear, especially the first few days. Once again get something fun, like disney. This will get your child really excited about all of this.

potty training underwear

Toys and books:

Your going to want to teach your toddler a little bit about potty training so I
recommend a doll that you can demonstrate on, or some books that explain the process. The Big Girl Panties book is such a great book that helps get your little girl excited about wearing big girl undies “just like mommy”. It’s one of the best illustrated and most fun potty training books I’ve seen thus far. The rhymes are so great, fun, and catchy. Your toddler will love this! I think they may even have a boy version. Here are some more great books: Top 10 Potty Training Books.

Big Girl Panties bookBig Girl Panties bookBig Girl Panties book


We have a huge stash of stickers and small toys hidden in a drawer. My daughter absolutely loves getting a reward for using the potty. She gets so excited and is so proud of herself when she gets a special sticker or toy. It’s a great incentive, especially for children that are afraid of using the potty. Here     are some cool rewards

potty training rewards     potty training rewards

The Program:

Let’s get real…potty training is not easy!!!  Not to mention if you don’t have a good game plan, trial and error will only confuse your child. I have done lots of reading and research and have been given the privilege to review some of these “programs” out there. Many of them give false promises, and promise you a quick fix not considering your child’s fears, temperament, or attitude towards potty training. So the one that I recommend on my site is called The Start Potty Training Program. In my opinion, this is a must for potty training success. Here’s the site.

Travel Items:

So you decided to start potty training, and then you realize that you have to go out in public with your newly potty trained toddler. You obviously can’t be a prisoner in your own home while potty training. The first few times you go out, there’s bound to be a few accidents. Here are some items that you will need while you are out to minimize or prevent accidents, until your child gets really use to this potty training thing.

The Dino Piddle Pad.
This is amazing, and what a life saver. I made the mistake of taking my daughter out while potty training and of course, she peed all over the carseat. What a mess!! I don’t know if you have ever taken apart a carseat to clean it, but it’s a disaster. And not only did I have to do this once, not twice, but 3 times before I found this amazing pad. Don’t settle for anything other than the Dino brand Piddle Pad. I have tried others, and they simply don’t hold in the pee, not like this one. I had no leaks with the Dino.

potty training outings, potty training while out, potty training travel, travel potty training items
This is another really great travel potty training must have. It’s a foldable cushioned potty seat. It’s great for outings, restaurants, trips to the mall, or anywhere else your child will be using the public restroom. The best part about this potty seat, is that it folds up into a little drawstring bag and fits in your purse! You can take it anywhere you go.
potty training while out in public, public bathrooms potty training, potty training outings
I have never used this product, but there are amazing reviews on it. It’s another type of portable travel potty. This would be good to use if your child is afraid of the public bathrooms, you can just keep it in the car. You can also use it at a park, beach, or other place where bathrooms are not readily available. When you start potty training and you hear your toddler say “I gotta go pee pee”, making sure he has somewhere to go right away will be important.

travel potty, potty training travel

Potty Covers
And for those of you that don’t like to carry anything around. You can always get potty covers, so your toddler can comfortable sit without mommy worrying about all those germs.

how to potty train, potty training items, potty training must haves

Whether you plan on staying home while potty training, or are brave enough to take your toddler out, there are some potty training items that you will need to get started and to be successful. The potty, undies, good books, and rewards are very important. And if you are struggling, there’s nothing wrong with getting a potty book or guide. The 3 day method I used was very successful. After months of trying different things with my toddler, nothing was working. I looked into  potty training in 3 days and it’s the best decision I made. My stubborn and fearful child was pee trained in 3 days and poop trained in 5. If things are not working out, don’t hesitate, there’s nothing better than a step by step and day to day game plan of how to potty train your child. Here’s the program I used. I can’t say enough great things.

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  1. Hi Elizabeth. 22 Months is a great time to start. That seems to be the "magic age" for most kids. Good luck, let me know if you need any help.

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