Monday, October 21, 2019
potty training help

Potty Training Help

Have you had enough of wet and messy diapers, leaks, and diaper changes? I can help! Potty training is no walk in the park and if you have a toddler as stubborn or fearful as my daughter was, you know that potty training can be quite the challenge. Luckily, I can help! I have been there myself, and have helped countless parents with these same potty training troubles. Book a consultation and get potty training help today!


So how does this work?

Once you book your consultation using the payment link below, you will immediately receive your potty training plan. You will also receive my personal phone number (if you purchased this option) for text message support.

You will choose your start date for your consultation. On that date we will begin the text message portion of your package. The start date can be as soon as the same day, or you can put it off for a few months if you don’t feel you are ready just yet.


What is The Potty Training Plan?

The potty training plan, is a step by step guide that will help potty train your child on average in 3 days. These methods are tried and true, ones I have used with my own children, and countless families that I have worked with. Some children do need an additional few more days, especially fearful or stubborn kids, but on average the plan will work within 3 days. 






What makes your program so successful?

The methods, tips, and tricks in the potty training plan are curated from years of experience consulting with clients. They are not rocket science, but do address some of the most common road blocks which are often the reasons potty training fails. Everyone can take the diapers off their child, and sit them on the potty several times, but having a step by step plan for handling the most toughest parts of potty training is what makes this program so effective. My help and support through the potty training process will also make all the difference in the world. Knowing what to do when variables come up (and they certainly will) can make or break the training. I will be a text message away through the whole process. 






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