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Potty Training 101

So you have decided you have had enough of diapers, messy poop, and laundry due to leaks. You want to potty train, but you have no idea where to get started. You have heard
horror stories from your friends and on baby forums. I know, I have been there. So lets talk about some potty training basics.

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When to start potty training?

Somewhere between 18 and 24 months (22 months is the magic number for most) You can start potty training before then but your child may not be ready in terms of bowel and bladder control. They also may not have the physical and cognitive skills to take their pants off in time. 

What are some signs of potty training readiness?

  • Your toddler can stay dry for a 2 hour stretch and occasionally wakes up dry.
  • He can pull his pants down, or understand simple undressing.
  • Has regular predictable bowel movements.
  • Understands simple directions.
  • Can sit still for 2-5 minutes.
  • Understands bathroom lingo such as “pee” or “poop”.
  • Shows interest in learning and is curious about your bathroom habits.

Here is a quiz you can take to see if your child is ready for the potty. You will get a report back within a minute. QUIZ

Potty training boys and girls. Is there a difference?

Yes there is a difference in potty training  boys and girls, for obvious reasons. There are some techniques and methods that work better for boys, and some work better for potty training girls. Carol Cline does an excellent job explaining this in her Start Potty Training Program.
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So how do I start potty training


  • “Pre-train” your child for a couple of weeks before you start. Teach him about wiping, flushing, etc. Show him what a potty or toilet is, how and when to use it.
  • Get your child excited about potty training. Go pick out a special potty together. Let him know he will not be needing diapers any more.
  • Have a reward system ready. Whether it’s stickers, songs, or a special toy that gets your child excited. Whatever it is, have it ready and make a big deal about it.

How do I tackle potty training?

Chances are if you have landed on my site, you are thinking about starting potty training or you have already started, and feel kind of lost. So I have put together an article that goes over some popular potty training methods, to guide you through the process. Check it out.

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