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5 Most Common Potty Training Mistakes

Let’s face it, potty training is probably one of the hardest things you are going to face with your toddler or preschooler. If you found this page, you have most likely been googling this potty training topic for a while, and weren’t as lucky as the mom at playgroup who claims “he just potty trained himself”.

There are a million tips out there on how to potty train your child, and all of the information is pretty similar. So instead, let’s talk about the possible mistakes you could be making during potty training  to increase your chance of successful potty training. Here are the most common mistakes parents make when beginning potty training.

1. Potty training when your child is not ready.

In order for potty training to be successful, your child has to be ready. Potty training readiness happens somewhere around 18-22 months. So trying well before this, may be a challenge.

2. Allowing diapers to be worn “sometimes.”

If your child is ready, and you have made the commitment to potty train then you shouldn’t revert back to diapers. Going back and forth may confuse your child, and at times he won’t even remember if he has a diaper on or is wearing regular underwear. Giving him this confusing message, may decrease his confidence in potty training.

3. Going out during training.

When you start potty training it is best to stay home for a few days. Tackle potty training over a long weekend, or holiday. During the first couple of days there will likely be many accidents, so it is best to be home. It’s easier for you and it’s less stressful for your little one.

4. Not trying long enough.

Many parents get frustrated after just the first day of messy floors, constipation, accidents, and crying. Some children just need a little more time. My daughter took to peeing pretty quickly but need almost a full week to learn to go poop comfortably. If I gave up after a the first horrible few days, it would only get tougher as she got older. Give your child at least a week. It usually doesn’t take any longer than that.

5. Not getting help, when it’s not working.

This is a biggie. Many parents just keep trying over and over, and can’t figure out why potty training is not working. There may be many reasons. Some kids are more strong-willed than others. Some are defiant. While others are just really afraid of the potty or letting it go. With these kids, the traditional potty training tips are not going to work. Bare bottom methods, or forcing your child to potty train may be traumatic for a child that has fears for example. Knowing how to respond to these types of situations, will be crucial to your success.

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